Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between daily and weekly meal prep?

We offer daily and weekly meal prep. 

There is no commitment with our meal plans. 

If you need lunch for the day, we got you covered. Just  dinner for tonight? Same. We got you covered. 

With daily meal prep, you can choose to pick up your order the same day from our Marietta location (within 30 minutes) or choose same day delivery.  (Delivery is typically 90-120 minutes from the time the order is placed).

With weekly meal prep, we got you covered for the week, too. You can choose the number of days you would like to receive meals, you may also choose which meals you would like to receive (breakfast, lunch, dinner and/or dessert). 

Plantbaed  meal prep will be delivered during the specified time window that you will see at checkout.

Does PLANTBAED EXPRESS offer pickup?

Yes. You can opt to pick up your order at our local pickup station located at 1592 Atlanta Road, Suite 130, Marietta, GA 30060.  You will be notified via email and text when your order is ready for pick up

How soon can I begin?

We offer daily meal prep and weekly meal prep. To order our daily or weekly meal prep, choose your preference from te homepage.

We sometimes sell out due to high demand! 

When do you deliver?

PLANTBAED EXPRESS meal programs will be delivered during the specified time window that you will see at checkout. Depending on your location, you do not need to be home for delivery – please specify special delivery instructions in your Order Notes when purchasing each program.

We use a third party shipping carrier, Boxi Caters for our meal deliveries, who will notify you of your delivery status. Deliveries that require rerouting due to incorrect addresses may be subject to additional charges for redelivery. When deliveries are delayed due to weather, we will do our best to alert you in advance, but some circumstances are beyond our control, and we cannot guarantee delivery windows. We are not liable for failed deliveries due to weather or incorrect/incomplete addresses.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver our meals to most cities within the Metro Atlanta area. To view program options for your specific region, enter your zip code on our homepage. If your area is not apart of our "delivery zone", we can arrange a custom delivery through our third party meal delivery partner, BoxiCaters.  Shoot us an email to to arrange delivery. Additional charges will be assessed based on mileage.

At this time, we do not deliver internationally but we hope to do so one day!

Are your meal programs alkaline?

Our meals are 100% plant-based (no dairy, no meat and no seafood) and soy-free and GMO-free.

Majority of our meals are alkaline and all our meals are 100% plant-based.  For your convenience, 100% alkaline meals are labeled with a 'AK" symbol on the menu  selection page.

Is there enough protein in PLANTBAED EXPRESS meal program?

Yes! Our program is designed to give you all of the bioavailable, easy-to-digest plant-based protein you need to build lean muscle, trigger metabolic functions in your body and keep your energy soaring. Some of our favorite plant-based protein sources are our PLANTBAED Walnut Meat, quinoa, hemp seeds, Brazil nuts, and chickpeas. That said, the # 1 rule is to listen to your body! Should you feel your body craving extra protein, please feel free to supplement.

How many calories are in each meal?

We do not count calories, we count nutrients– the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. 

We do not believe counting calories is a good metric for measuring a food’s nutritional quality. So instead of calories, we want you to focus on how food makes you feel. All of our meals are nutritionally designed and perfectly portioned to fuel your body with the optimal amount of nutrients in the form of clean, whole, real foods, so you do not need to stress about the number of calories you’re eating.

Are PLANTBAED EXPRESS meal prep programs safe for children?

Our  meal program is suitable for children and full of nourishing whole foods. We encourage you to speak with your healthcare provider if you have any concerns about our programs prior to starting.

Does PLANTBAED EXPRESS ship outside of Georgia?

Not yet, Plant Head. However, stay tuned, we will be shipping to destinations within the United States very soon!

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